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A Message of Solidarity from The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

Statement of Solidarity by JewishCommunal Organizations and Individuals in Dallas The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, its Jewish Community Relations Council, and the Dallas area Jewish community share a profound sense of loss and grief as we grapple with the brutality and senselessness of George Floyd’s death. Judaism teaches that every individual is created B’tzelem … Continued

5 Signs That It Might Be Time To Consider a Retirement Community

Today’s independent living communities offer a wealth of options in terms of location, price range, and lifestyle amenities, plus the ready availability of getting together with friends. And though you may feel that the move isn’t for you or maybe you don’t feel you’re ready, consider the five flags below that may change your mind. … Continued

Online study programs: the cure for quarantine doldrums

If you’ve had your fill of Soduku and are looking for ways to while away the hours during lockdown, consider online learning opportunities. Esteemed colleges and universities across the country are offering degree and learning programs via the Internet, allowing you the opportunity to take courses at a lower cost than traditional on-campus classes. This … Continued

5 Roaring Trends for Senior Living in the 2020’s

The Baby Boomers are coming! The Baby Boomers are coming! It’s the shout heard around the senior living industry, and communities all across the U.S. are gearing up to meet the retirement living demands of this unique generation of more than 72 million people. The 2020’s promise to be roaring with change, and here are … Continued

The Inside Scoop on Choosing a Retirement Community

The internet is full of advice on retirement planning, but information on retirement communities can be downright confusing. If your current home no longer fits your needs, and ads or mailers from retirement communities have piqued your interest, this blog is for you. Here’s the inside scoop on how to begin the search and how … Continued

What to Include in Your Plan for Successful Aging

Modern medicine and improved sanitation have brought tremendous advances in life expectancy since 1950. Most Americans today can expect to live well into old age, thus the concept of “successful aging” has gained attention since it was first formulated in the 1998 book, Successful Aging, by John W. Rowe, M.D. and Robert L. Kahn, PhD. … Continued