Innovative Technology Promises Better Monitoring for Seniors at The Legacy

March 15, 2022

The Legacy Senior Communities Introduces TrueLoo Smart Toilets for Innovative Patient Care.

The Legacy Senior Communities is proud to announce the latest innovation in senior living care is coming to its Dallas and Plano campuses, the TRUELOO® smart toilet by Toi Labs, Inc. The smart toilet seat offers a new level of monitoring by automating the currently manual process of tracking bowel movements and urinations in the privacy of the resident’s home. TRUELOO has been shown to be over 100 times more accurate and timely than current practice.

“We’re consistently exploring new technologies to ensure that we are providing excellent care in the most effective and efficient ways,” says Legacy Senior Communities CEO Melissa Orth.

“The TRUELOO smart toilet enables us, in a dignified and valuable manner, to better monitor and follow up when important changes to output are identified. This expedites our response and increases the the accuracy and timeliness of important data,” says Orth.

The innovative seat automates data collection and enables care staff to stay attuned to the resident around the clock, while minimizing uncomfortable conversations with residents about their toileting habits. “TRUELOO technology provides a higher level of wellness for residents while better leveraging the time of care staff,” says Vik Kashyap, Toi Labs’ founder and CEO.

In assisted living and memory support residences, where toileting activity is harder to collect, the TRUELOO seat provides virtually effortless data collection, enhancing current services as well as the experience for the resident.

The Legacy Senior Communities began testing the units in early March. The pilot program launched in Memory Support at the Kalman and Ida Wolens Foundation Healthcare Center at the Willow Bend community and at the Midtown Park community’s Andrea and Richard Skibell & Leslie Rudd Healthcare Center. The communities will continue manual monitoring to establish a control group during this trial period. The resulting data will enable The Legacy to benchmark the proficiency of the smart toilet.

“We decided to trial the smart toilets in two different service areas,” said Director of Strategic Development Bridgette Walshe. “We want to ensure that this technology is non-invasive and non-intrusive, while providing accurate, proactive, and relevant data.” Walshe believes that artificial intelligence is one future means to cost effectively improve senior care services, freeing up valuable time for clinical team members to provide more person-centric care.

The Legacy Senior Communities doesn’t shy away from innovative technology that enhances the quality of care while maintaining dignity and promoting overall wellness, even if that starts in the bathroom.


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