Our Leaders

Our leadership team is made up of highly trained professional staff members and involved, dedicated members of the Greater Dallas community who guide and shape the future of our organization. These passionate individuals are our greatest asset.

Melissa Orth

President & CEO

Irving Prengler

Chair of the Board

Executive Team

Our visionary leaders are engaged in advancing LSC’s mission and vision through their steadfast commitment to upholding our leadership values of empathy, excellence, integrity, innovation, and trust.

Melissa Orth

President & CEO

Alyssa Adam

Chief Marketing Officer

Crystal Barnett

Executive Assistant

Jessica Haecker

Executive Director | LAH

Laura Levy

Executive Director | LWB

Joy L. Nance

Executive Director | LMP

Scott Snorton

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Statman

Director of Development

Bridgette Walshe

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Mark Wildemann

Senior Director of Human Resources

LSC Board of Trustees

  • Irving Prengler, Chair
  • Josh Skora, Secretary
  • Carol Aaron *
  • Jack Baum, Vice Chair
  • Michael Becker
  • Susie Carp
  • Harley Cohen
  • Michael Cohen
  • Shirely Davidoff
  • Doug French
  • Michael Friedman*
  • Linda Garner
  • Marion Glazer
  • Mike Glazer
  • Neil Goldberg
  • Dot Haymann
  • Jack Jacobsen
  • Amy Jones
  • Michael Kane
  • Sandy Kaufman
  • Amy Korenvaes
  • Charmaine Lampert
  • Bradley Laye
  • Sharon Levin
  • Liz Liener
  • Fraser Marcus, Immediate Past Chair
  • Paul Michaels
  • Stuart Morse *
  • Cindy Moskowitz
  • Jerry Rasansky *
  • Buddy Rosenthal *
  • A. J. Rosmarin
  • Cary Rossel *
  • Neil Rubinstein
  • Helene Rudberg
  • Andrea Skibell
  • Andrea Statman *
  • Mike Weinberg
  • Melissa Orth, President/CEO
  • *Past Chair of LSC