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The Legacy Willow Bend Residents Finish First At Local Senior Games

If there’s an event that challenges local athletes ages 50-plus to a competition while having fun and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, you will likely find residents of The Legacy Willow Bend participating. Recently, The Dallas Park and Recreation Department held its Senior Games at Fair Park for all athletes 50 years and older. In this event, the residents didn’t just participate, they won! Residents Col. Bob Greenfield and Bob Weinfeld each participated in the 5K run, with Greenfield placing first in the 80-84 age group and Weinfeld winning first place in the 90-and-over group. Following the competition was the one-mile fun walk, in which residents Christina Chan and Mary West participated. The entire morning was an incredible experience and showed the dedication that the residents and the senior living community have to health and wellness.

“Having the opportunity to witness each resident participate in the Senior Games was truly inspiring,” said Alice Carpenter, wellness coordinator at The Legacy Willow Bend. “We strive daily as a community to provide our residents with the resources they need to live healthy and active lives. Some of our residents are working out five to seven days a week. I am thrilled that both residents won first place in their age bracket, and they are wonderful examples of people living a committed and active lifestyle.”

“We are very proud of the residents who participated in this year’s Dallas Park and Recreation Department Senior Games,” said Laura Levy, executive director of The Legacy Willow Bend. “Each day we are moved by our residents’ determination to live life to the fullest. At The Legacy Willow Bend we strive to provide our residents with the resources they need to meet their goals and achieve whole-body wellness. It’s our hope that the triumphs of our residents inspire others to try something new and reach their own goals.”