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Volunteer Opportunities at The Legacy Senior Communities

Volunteer Work for Seniors

The Legacy Senior Communities is extraordinarily lucky to have many amazing residents who enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering and helping others. This is important to us as well, because we at The Legacy Senior Communities see how volunteering and reaching out to others benefits the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of those who participate.

We currently have several resident-run volunteer groups, such as the “Ladies of The Legacy,” a knitting group that knits warm-weather clothing like hats and scarves to donate to Dallas-Area homeless shelters, as well as groups that mentor local high school students.

There are also volunteers that do their work right here at The Legacy Willow Bend. We have a resident-led current events group that gets together a few times a month to discuss items in the news, resident-led art classes, and individuals who volunteer to visit residents in higher levels of care.

Opportunities for Volunteering with The Legacy Senior Communities

The Legacy Senior Communities is proud to say that on average, we have more than 250 volunteers donating more the 8,000 hours of their time each year, and we appreciate each and every one of them. We encourage anyone who is interested in helping and donating their time to look at some of the programs and opportunities to make a difference.

Volunteer opportunities at The Legacy Willow Bend retirement community include help with special events, resident assistance, administrative support and leading/assisting various programs. Resident assistance is the category with the most opportunities to volunteer, including one-on-one visits with residents, assisting them with exercise, playing games, bringing in a pet to visit with residents (special requirements apply), musical performances and more.

The Legacy Senior Communities also greatly appreciates anyone who wants to help by assisting with administrative tasks as well, such as making photocopies, decorating the bulletin boards, delivering residents’ papers, organizing closets as well as building the sensory boxes for memory support residents.

Finally, if you possess a unique talent or skill and would like to share that with The Legacy Willow Bend residents, we regularly host volunteers who lead various arts and crafts classes, exercise programs and discussion groups.

Please note that our volunteers must be at least 15 years of age unless volunteering with a group or with an adult (14 and younger must have an adult – preferably a parent – present while volunteering on the campus). Individuals are responsible for keeping a record of their volunteer hours. The Legacy does not accept volunteers who are looking to fulfill truancy or court-appointed service hours. Volunteers must fill out an application and submit to a background check before being approved to work at The Legacy Willow Bend.

Additionally, The Legacy at Home is always looking for volunteers to help deliver challah to our at-home senior clients. That is just one of the opportunities to assist individuals receiving home health care. There may also be further volunteer opportunities with The Legacy at Home in the future.

If you would like more information about how you can help The Legacy Senior Communities through volunteer work at The Legacy Willow Bend, you can contact Rivae Campo, our Volunteer Coordinator, by calling 972-468-6191 or you can email her at RCampo@TheLegacySC.org.