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Distance From Your Home | The Legacy Willow Bend

Trying to decide if a senior living community is right for yourself or your family member will spark a lot of different questions and concerns. Families frequently inquire about the right kinds of things, such as the cost and the quality of the care provided; they check reviews, licensing and accreditation records, and they will take the time to tour the community and meet some of the residents.

However, many times we encounter individuals and families who bring up objections which may seem relevant and important, but really aren’t as critical when you step back and look at the big picture. One of the objections we frequently encounter from families checking out our Life Care retirement community, The Legacy Willow Bend, is the distance from their current home, and we want to take a chance to address this issue and explain why this isn’t really as important as you might think.

Wanting to Move Versus Needing to Move

There are many reasons why so many seniors wish to age in place at home or stay close to their current home, and we hear many of them quite frequently: seniors commonly want to grow old in their own homes, in the communities they know, surrounded by memories and familiar things. While this trend is slowly starting to shift as more and more baby boomers choose to move into retirement communities while they are still relatively young, this mindset is still very common among older seniors in the 80s and 90s.

Being realistic, most of the people we speak with (whether an individual, a spouse or their adult children) who look at senior living communities do so not because they want to move but because they need to. Many prospective residents are living with physical limitations which make completing daily tasks difficult or even impossible, chronic illnesses or diseases which require close medical monitoring, and/or mental impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

So while the idea of staying in the area where they currently live may sound like a good idea and a top priority initially, most (60%) seniors ultimately choose a senior living community based on the following:

  • The area near their current home did not have communities which could meet their needs or did not have a senior living community at all. It is paramount that you or your loved one chooses a community which can provide safe and appropriate care for each individual situation.
  • Cost savings. Senior community prices are affected by the overall property values and rent in the neighborhood in which they are located, and the difference in prices can be significant. A family, who say, cannot afford care in Dallas’ upscale Park Cities neighborhood may instead choose a more affordable senior community with equally good care and amenities in neighboring Plano.
  • Proximity to medical facilities. For many seniors, particularly those with chronic illnesses or those needing treatment, proximity to medical facilities is a large factor in their decision about assisted living.


Other Things to Consider

Along with community aesthetics, consider the lifestyle and location of the community’s surrounding area. Would you prefer to have shopping options and a downtown space within walking distance, or would you rather spend your days taking in the views of a rural countryside?

Future care needs should be a careful consideration. Many seniors enter a community perfectly healthy only to have an injury or illness leave them requiring more medical attention and care. In this case, if the person is in a community with only one level of care, he or she may be forced to move to yet another community to get the required medical services. If the person is in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC, also known as a Life Plan community), these higher levels of care are usually located on the same campus, either negating the need for an additional move or making it super simple to move as they are still staying in the same community.

Why The Legacy Willow Bend is an Ideal Location to Retire in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

The Legacy Willow Bend is a Life Care community located in Plano, Texas, offering the full continuum of senior living care services. In addition to the vibrant lifestyle offered in Independent Living and all levels of living with exceptional care, including Assisted Living, Memory Care, Short-Term Rehab or Long-Term Care, we also offer programming focusing on physical, mental and spiritual wellness, all on our gorgeous campus in Plano.

At The Legacy Willow Bend, we understand that a holistic, integrated approach to wellness is the most effective way to ensure that our residents stay healthy, active and happy. This means taking full advantage of all the unique, fun and stimulating activities, programs and facilities at the community to engage residents’ minds, bodies and souls.

In addition to all of the interesting things to experience at the community, there are also plenty of things to do in Plano all around The Legacy Willow Bend. Forbes magazine rated Plano the “Safest City in America” and the “Top Suburb to Live Well,” and it’s not hard to see why. With a number of shopping destinations, restaurants, sports venues, parks and places of worship, there is something for everyone.

If you would like to learn more about The Legacy Willow Bend, or if you would like to speak to one of our representatives about the key things to consider when looking for the right retirement community for you or your loved one, call us at (972) 468-6208.

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