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Memory Care at The Legacy Willow Bend

What is Memory Care, and How are we different?

The demand for Memory Care is increasing tremendously in the senior living industry, and it’s not likely to slow done any time soon. People are living longer than ever before, leading to a steep rise in the number of people living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Memory Care at The Legacy Willow Bend is designed specifically to address this growing need.

Memory Care at The Legacy Willow Bend is a safe, nurturing neighborhood purposely built to be sensitive to the individualized needs of those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The commons areas are designed to create more opportunities for brain stimulation by incorporating designated locations for drawing, places to pot plants indoors and outdoors, a central cooking island for residents to view the chef in action and specific settings for interactive games and music. Memory Care experts at the community hand-picked furniture that complements the appropriate level of activity in any particular location.

The Legacy Willow Bend’s Memory Care incorporates aesthetic changes to make day-to-day life easier for the residents. The newly color-coordinated walls for “wayfinding” allow easier navigation and simplified routes around the community. The lighting can be adjusted to coincide with the time of day and can be dimmed for a calming effect or to indicate a change from day to night.

The Legacy Willow Bend offers unique and engaging Memory Care programs by supporting the active aging and wellness of each resident. We believe that it is important to get to know each one of our residents personally and form our programs around their unique skills, life history and enjoyment.

Our “Resident Spotlight” highlights a different resident each month, in which the resident and family are encouraged to talk about the resident’s life story. Pictures from the resident’s life story are posted on the activity wall so everyone can learn more about the resident. The Resident Spotlight encourages the resident to reminisce about the past and provides a sense of purpose within our community. We build on these life stories and develop programming that the resident will enjoy and feel useful in doing. Our goal is to help our residents with dementia feel included, loved and engaged in our programming.

Our Wellness program uses many tools to form activities that keep residents active cognitively, socially, spiritually and physically. One of the tools we use is our IN2L (It’s Never 2 Late) computer system. This system allows us to provide person-centered engagement through interactive word games, puzzles, math and reading activities, trivia and much more! The IN2L system contains content that supports the core dimensions of personal wellness – social, cognitive, spiritual and physical.

Another tool we use is our monthly Horticultural Therapy class. A horticulturist uses the tactile, visual and olfactory senses of the residents to engage them in an activity about plants. The horticulture class is conducted rain or shine, inside and outside and encourages reminiscing about plants the residents used during different holidays or plants they planted in their own gardens.

The Music Therapy program is a daily activity – whether it is residents listening to music on their personal iPod or music playing during dinner. Our certified music therapist visits weekly and incorporates spiritual and holiday themes within the music therapy.

The Legacy Willow Bend knows that in order for our residents to remain cognitively active, they must be physically active. To this end, our residents remain active by having two structured exercise programs to choose from daily. Our exercise programs include Chair Tai Chai, Chair Dancing, Ribbons and Rounds Exercise, Music and Movement, Stomp, and two weekly exercise programs lead by our Wellness Coordinator, “Sit and Be Fit.”