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Life Care at The Legacy Willow Bend

Living at The Legacy Willow Bend offers a variety of benefits to its residents, including a full continuum of care, a sophisticated lifestyle, excellent medical care, an innovative campus and world-class amenities, to name a few. One of its most impressive offerings is its Life Care program.

Many senior living communities are now offering a full continuum of care. That is, they provide a variety of housing options that are tailored to meet the differing needs residents. These options usually include independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care. The major benefit of having a continuum of care on one campus is that residents can transition from one level of care to another with relative ease.

The Legacy Senior Communities offers the Life Care program to protect both the health and wealth of its residents. While other communities will charge the full market rate to move into a different level of care, Life Care at The Legacy Willow Bend guarantees access to higher levels of care at a discounted, predictable rate.

The perks of Life Care

Life Care at The Legacy Willow Bend provides numerous benefits to residents, starting with built-in estate preservation. Our one-time entrance fee is 90% refundable when you leave our community for any reason, after we have sold your independent living residence. We also offer reduced refundability options which feature a lower entrance fee or monthly service fee.

Our monthly service fee is all-inclusive. It covers everything from meals to housekeeping, access to world-class amenities and activities, transportation and more.

Life Care offers substantial tax benefits, as the IRS recognizes the entrance fees and monthly service fees as partially prepaid health care expenses, which means that a portion of both qualify for medical deductions. Life Care also works with any existing long-term care insurance. If you currently have long-term care insurance, you will still be entitled to your benefits on top of the benefits you receive from Life Care.

All of this is designed to offer residents at The Legacy Willow Bend peace of mind for their future. With Life Care, you can rest assured that if you need to move to a higher level of care, the monthly service fee will always be predictable, guaranteed and 20-40% less than the market rate. When you consider the high costs of assisted living, memory support and skilled nursing, it’s easy to see why there is tremendous value in The Legacy Willow Bend’s Life Care program.

Qualifications for Life Care

To qualify for Life Care you must be 62 or older, you must be deemed safe to live independently by your physician. In addition to health criteria, there is also financial criteria that must be met. That criteria is ultimately determined by our sales counselors when they sit down with a prospective resident and review their entire financial situation.

If you meet the aforementioned requirements, you may fill out the simple Life Care application and reserve a residence of your choice by leaving a deposit equal to 10% of the entrance fee for that residence. Once you are officially approved for Life Care, your deposit will reserve your residence for up to 60 days. If you are not approved, or at any time change your mind, this reservation deposit is refundable.