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In-Home Pneumonia/COPD Care

Pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are two fairly common ailments that affect older adults, and they are two of the more prevalent conditions that we treat through The Legacy at Home. While there are some differences in the ways that each one is treated, in-home care for both starts with a series of evaluations, especially when there is a new diagnosis, or, in the case of COPD, a flare-up.

First, The Legacy at Home does a series of evaluations to determine if there are any issues with the home that may be inciting or exacerbating the situation. We also take stock of all medications and equipment (such as an inhaler, nebulizer, etc.), and we carefully explain to the client, as well as any caregiver, what each medication is, how to properly administer, and any possible side effects.

For people with COPD, the first step is often teaching an individual how to properly use the equipment, which may include a nebulizer or inhaler. It may also include oxygen therapy, and The Legacy at Home’s expert clinicians will carefully explain how to properly store and administer oxygen.

People who develop pneumonia sometimes improperly use their antibiotics. Often, when people begin to feel better after suffering from pneumonia or bronchitis, they will stop taking their antibiotics before they have finished the full drug regimen. As a result, we teach them how to prevent infections in the first place, as well as stress the importance of always finishing antibiotics.

Individuals with either COPD or pneumonia must be careful about how they expend their energy. With limited ability to get oxygen to the body’s various tissues, both conditions can cause extreme fatigue. The Legacy at Home’s clinicians will go over tips and techniques, as well as exercises and therapies that can help conserve energy, making people less likely to endure a fall or other fatigue-related injury. Energy conservation is also a good way to keep one’s immune system working at its full capacity.

Should someone with COPD or pneumonia have an event that exacerbates the condition, The Legacy at Home also offers full-time private caregivers who can come to the home and provide care for as long as needed.

If you have any questions about The Legacy at Home’s pneumonia or COPD care, or any other questions relating to home health care, please call (972) 244-7700 for more information.