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In-Home Dementia Care

Dementia care is an increasingly in-demand service as more and more families care for loved ones with dementia in their homes. In the majority of cases, the actual caregiver is a spouse, adult child or other loved one. When working with a family, The Legacy at Home’s main goal is to educate the seniors’ loved ones on how to properly care for the person with dementia.

The Legacy at Home educates caregivers on how to recognize certain behaviors that are common in those with dementia, and how to respond to them. This includes things like how to deal with aggression, anxiety or confusion, sleep issues, as well as how to deal with common situations such as wandering and elopement.

In addition, The Legacy at Home teaches caregivers how to properly maintain and dispense medication, especially when dealing with a patient who has received a new diagnosis of dementia. We always begin by doing an evaluation to take stock of all the medications prescribed and carefully explain to the caregiver what each medication is for, how to properly administer the drug or treatment, as well as any possible side effects.

The Legacy at Home also takes a look at the home and will determine if any changes need to be made for the safety of the patient or the convenience of the caregiver. It is important that those living with dementia adhere to a set schedule. The Legacy at Home will sit down with the caregiver and carefully explain why a schedule is beneficial, and will walk them through how to create and maintain a healthy routine for someone living with dementia.

Sometimes a caregiver can’t do it all, and The Legacy at Home understands that. Caregiver fatigue is a common problem – one that can be alleviated through education, but also by supplementing care with a private duty caregiver, and The Legacy at Home has the right team to help shoulder some of the responsibilities for the caregiver. We also connect caregivers with social workers and other community resources that can provide valuable physical and emotional support, as well as other resources to help them take care of their loved one and reduce caregiver fatigue.

In addition to educating and assisting family members or other caregivers, The Legacy at Home does offer full-time in-home dementia care provided by one of our trained team members. In most cases, a family member or loved one will provide care during the early stages. As the dementia progresses, however, the level of care required increases greatly, and this is when many turn to The Legacy at Home for additional help with things such as personal care or medication management.

At The Legacy at Home, we take pride in the fact that our in-home dementia care clinicians are thoroughly trained and have to go through a rigorous background check. We do all this to ensure that our clinicians are prepared to handle anything, and that they can be trusted. Because, after all, they are essentially acting as a stand-in family member.

If you are interested in learning more about the in-home dementia care services offered by The Legacy at Home, or you have any questions about other in-home health care topics, you can contact us by phone at (972) 244-7700.