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A Message of Solidarity from The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

Statement of Solidarity by JewishCommunal Organizations and Individuals in Dallas The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, its Jewish Community Relations Council, and the Dallas area Jewish community share a profound sense of loss and grief as we grapple with the brutality and senselessness of George Floyd’s death. Judaism teaches that every individual is created B’tzelem … Continued

5 Signs That It Might Be Time To Consider a Retirement Community

Today’s independent living communities offer a wealth of options in terms of location, price range, and lifestyle amenities, plus the ready availability of getting together with friends. And though you may feel that the move isn’t for you or maybe you don’t feel you’re ready, consider the five flags below that may change your mind. … Continued

Online study programs: the cure for quarantine doldrums

If you’ve had your fill of Soduku and are looking for ways to while away the hours during lockdown, consider online learning opportunities. Esteemed colleges and universities across the country are offering degree and learning programs via the Internet, allowing you the opportunity to take courses at a lower cost than traditional on-campus classes. This … Continued

5 Roaring Trends for Senior Living in the 2020’s

The Baby Boomers are coming! The Baby Boomers are coming! It’s the shout heard around the senior living industry, and communities all across the U.S. are gearing up to meet the retirement living demands of this unique generation of more than 72 million people. The 2020’s promise to be roaring with change, and here are … Continued

The Inside Scoop on Choosing a Retirement Community

The internet is full of advice on retirement planning, but information on retirement communities can be downright confusing. If your current home no longer fits your needs, and ads or mailers from retirement communities have piqued your interest, this blog is for you. Here’s the inside scoop on how to begin the search and how … Continued

What to Include in Your Plan for Successful Aging

Modern medicine and improved sanitation have brought tremendous advances in life expectancy since 1950. Most Americans today can expect to live well into old age, thus the concept of “successful aging” has gained attention since it was first formulated in the 1998 book, Successful Aging, by John W. Rowe, M.D. and Robert L. Kahn, PhD. … Continued

Ten Reasons to Consider In-Home Personal Assistance

On average, Americans who provide care for an aging loved one also work 34.7 hours per week. More than half work 40 hours or more. Many caregivers report having to rearrange their work schedule, decrease their hours, or even take unpaid leave to meet the needs of an aging loved one. If you provide care … Continued

Four Happy Results When Seniors Socialize

In its updated report on Older Adults Living Alone, authors Daniel B. Kaplan and Barbara J. Berkman found that 29 percent of the 46 million older adults in the U.S. live by themselves. Forty-six percent of women over 75 live alone, and 60 percent of all adults over 75 who live alone report feelings of … Continued

Smartsizing: The Latest Trend in Defining “Home Sweet Home”

According to a TD Ameritrade survey, 42 percent of Americans plan to downsize in retirement. However, people over 65 often view “downsizing” as a negative. But hold on. A new approach is gaining traction. It’s called smartsizing, and it’s all about creating a lifestyle of simplicity and enjoyment. Making the move The idea of compromising, … Continued

Spirituality and Aging: The Search for Meaning

The definition of “spirituality” depends on each individual’s perspective. Some define it by the faith they follow and their belief in God. Others see it as something that stirs deeply within their inner being. At its core, spirituality involves a search for answers to the big questions about life:  What is my purpose? How should … Continued

Safe Travel for Seniors Needn’t be Miles Away

Want to make your golden years your going years? You’re in good company. According to Aging in Place, 80% of Baby Boomers put travel at the top of their bucket list, and people 75 and older are now a common sight in airports, RV camps and cruise ships. Age is just a number, after all, … Continued

A Legacy of Winning Ways Makes Dining at The Legacy Willow Bend “Par Excellence”

The Legacy Willow Bend recognized the importance of fine dining at its inception. Residents here are well-traveled, well-educated and are opinionated when it comes to dining and food service. Since 2008, the community has met or exceeded expectations and has established a widely respected reputation for excellence in expert meal preparation and service. It has … Continued

Residents of The Legacy Willow Bend Enthusiastically Adopt a New Online Engagement System

A newly installed online communication portal at The Legacy Willow Bend has residents defying the stereotype of seniors and online engagement. Younger folks may believe that most people in their 80’s and 90’s have no interest in the Internet of Things. They often conclude that a “digital divide” exists between older and younger generations. At … Continued

Sure-fire Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

June has many people seeing purple —purple shirts, that is, in observance of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Events and activities throughout the month seek to build awareness of dementia symptoms and the search for a cure. But it’s also a good opportunity to learn about ways to maintain the health of our brains throughout … Continued

What You Need to Know About Hospice Care: Five Important Facts

Hospice is currently one of the most misunderstood health care services. However, it can be one of the most poignant experiences not only for the person receiving care, but also for the entire family. While many people associate hospice with pain management during the final hours of life, the comforts of hospice go far beyond … Continued

All About Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Most people understand that an annual trip to the doctor for a “physical” is a fairly routine component of health and wellness. Many assume this annual exam is going to be a comprehensive assessment, with a battery of tests, screenings, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) characterizes a physical exam … Continued

The Benefits of Balance Exercise for Seniors

Many of us take things like balance for granted, but for millions of others, poor balance is a major issue – especially for older adults. It’s estimated that every year more than one-third of older adults (65 or older) suffer from fall-related injuries. Some of these injuries, like a hip fracture, can have serious impacts … Continued

Osteoporosis Prevention

We all know that as we get older, we become more susceptible to certain illnesses and age-related conditions. Just about everyone is aware of the dangers associated with conditions such as heart and lung disease, stroke, and diabetes, but not everyone knows about the dangers of osteoporosis. Unfortunately, the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) estimates that … Continued

The Importance of Proper Dental Care for Seniors

As people get older, it’s not uncommon for certain aspects of daily life to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, proper dental care is one of the major elements of personal hygiene and health that is sometimes avoided or ignored by many older adults. Dental health is ultimately linked to whole-body wellness and health, that’s why … Continued

Preventing Common Infections for Seniors Aging in Place

We all experience infections occasionally, and while they can be unpleasant, they are usually cleared by the body’s immune system within a week or so. For seniors, especially those who choose to age in place in their homes, these common infections can be more difficult to cure and may lead to chronic health issues, hospitalization … Continued

10 Ways Senior Living Promotes Better Health

There are currently about one million older adults residing in senior living communities across the United States, and it’s predicted that number will double by 2030. As this trend continues, The Legacy Senior Communities wants to educate people about the health benefits senior living communities can offer. Keep in mind that there are different types … Continued

Discussing Senior Living with Senior Loved Ones During the Holidays

Many families head home for the holidays, gathering together and reconnecting with loved ones who you may not have seen in a while. Many times, these gatherings are the first settings where family members notice age-related decline, cognitive, health or safety issues facing older loved ones. Maybe a family member is having mobility issues, or … Continued

Memory Care at The Legacy Willow Bend – Accommodating Common Dementia Behaviors

Memory care can present some of the most challenging situations in senior living. However, the experienced team members at The Legacy Willow Bend (LWB) understand how to work with people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Our team embraces flexibility, patience, creativity and compassion, while staying positive and maintaining a sense of humor. … Continued

8 Tips to Prevent Falls in the Home

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of three seniors will fall and injure themselves this year, but fewer than half will talk with their doctors about it. Falls are also the number one cause of injuries in seniors, resulting in hip fractures, cuts and even serious head and brain injuries. … Continued

5 Reasons to Make the Move to Senior Living While You’re Still Active/Independent

5 Reasons to Make the Move to Senior Living While You’re Still Active/Independent You may have a big, beautiful house. But after your children moved out to live on their own, it’s started to feel a little empty with just you or you and your spouse living there. Keeping up the with the yardwork and … Continued

Short-Term Respite Care Through The Legacy at Home

Many Americans provide care and daily assistance to senior family members and friends so they can age in place in their homes, and while this responsibility can be extremely rewarding, it can also be a physically, mentally and emotionally demanding job. Many caregivers eventually need to take a break, and that’s fine! That’s where respite … Continued

The Benefits of Pet Ownership, Therapy for Seniors

There are a number of ways that older adults can improve their quality of life. They find enjoyable activities, hobbies, and forms of exercise to keep their bodies in shape and their minds sharp, and they can form social circles to help to alleviate the loneliness that many may experience. Interacting with animals can improve … Continued

The Importance of Maintaining Heart Health as We Age

Cardiovascular Health September is National Healthy Aging month, and we at The Legacy Senior Communities want to take the opportunity to discuss various elements of healthy aging throughout the month. For our first topic, we’ve decided to touch on cardiovascular health. As the leading cause of death for men and women, heart disease kills almost … Continued

Six Ways Technology Can Improve the Lives of Seniors

The Tech Trend Over the last few years, older adults have made up the fastest growing segment of the online population. More and more people over the age of 60 are going online and connecting with the world through outlets such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Youtube. They are emailing, texting and even blogging, and … Continued

Dementia and Cognitive Impairment: What are they and what should you do about them?

Dementia Today an estimated 10 to 11 million Americans are believed to have one of the 47 identified forms of Dementia; that’s a new case every 36 seconds.1 Dementia is not a specific disease. It's an overall term that describes having at least two of the four lobes of the brain affected in a way … Continued

The Benefits of Staying Active as You Age

When does exercise benefit us the most? Many people think that muscle strength starts to decline in middle age, along with things like your balance, coordination and flexibility. However, research from Duke University shows that these fitness-related changes actually begin much earlier than many people expect — often when they’re still in their 50s. To … Continued

The Differences Between Occupational and Physical Therapy

The Legacy at Home offers both occupational therapy and physical therapy in the home for seniors living in the Dallas area. However, we’ve noticed that the two types of rehabilitation are often confused, with some people believing the two terms are synonymous. To help clear up the confusion, we’ve put this helpful piece together to … Continued

Signs Your Senior Loved One May Need Help at Home

Signs Your Senior Loved One May Need Help at Home All people want to remain independent and in control of their lives for as long as possible, and for this reason many older adults choose to remain in their home and age in place. However, at a certain point many seniors need extra help to … Continued

The Top 5 Things to Do with Grandkids in Plano, Texas

Located in Plano, Texas, The Legacy Willow Bend has no shortage of things to do on campus. There are fun and engaging activities, exercise and fitness opportunities, plenty of great dining options and the freedom to do as you please. But what do you do when the grandkids come to visit? Well, there are plenty … Continued

Transitioning Home from the Hospital or Acute Care and How The Legacy at Home Can Help

The transition period between leaving a hospital or other acute care facility and arriving back at home can be one of the most vulnerable times for patients, especially so with older adults. While you might feel much better and be improving by the day, your strength has most likely not recovered completely. As a result, … Continued

Comparing Cost Models: Buy-In Versus Rental

When you start looking for a senior living community – whether it’s for you or for a loved one – the various options can be overwhelming at first. While it may not take that long to determine what level of care is right for you (independent living, assisted living, etc.), the next decision you have … Continued

The Benefits of Hiring a Home Health Care Agency

As we get older, it can become more difficult to independently maintain a healthy lifestyle. Seniors who begin having difficulty remaining independent will often neglect personal hygiene, forget meals, or become unable to do simple things such as cleaning up spills or clutter around the home. Without proper help, situations like these only worsen and … Continued

Explaining Different Senior Living Care Options

Whether you’re looking for a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, sifting through the various options can be pretty confusing. Further adding to the confusion, there are several different terms used to describe the many types of senior housing. In addition, companies can and frequently do change the names of their housing … Continued

Why Distance from Your Current Home Should Not Be a Factor When Deciding on a Senior Living Community

Trying to decide if a senior living community is right for yourself or your family member will spark a lot of different questions and concerns. Families frequently inquire about the right kinds of things, such as the cost and the quality of the care provided; they check reviews, licensing and accreditation records, and they will … Continued

Five Simple Ways to Combat Loneliness in Seniors

We all have a fundamental need for socialization and inclusion. Without it, people begin to suffer from higher levels of stress, depression and death. In fact, loneliness may be as significant a health factor as smoking. Additionally, while aging often presents obvious physical challenges, feelings of isolation can impact mental health and cognitive abilities, and … Continued

The Legacy Willow Bend Lifestyle – Mind, Body and Spiritual Wellness

Physical Wellness At The Legacy Willow Bend, wellness is a major part of our community’s lifestyle. When most people think of wellness, their minds immediately jump to physical activities such as walking, running, going to the gym, etc., and we certainly cater to a wide variety of physical wellness activities to help residents maintain or … Continued

The Legacy Willow Bend Lifestyle – Enjoying the Best of Plano and More

Enjoying the Best of Plano and Surrounding Areas Living at The Legacy Willow Bend comes with a lot of perks. With amazing activity programs, top-notch services and amenities, as well as thought-provoking and compelling events, there is always something interesting going on at our community. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as we are in … Continued

Understanding Your Senior Living Options

The Differences Between 55+ Communities, Active Adult Communities, Stand-Alone Senior Apartment Complexes, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) and More When it comes to senior living choices for healthy older adults, there is seemingly no shortage of different options to choose from, and the terminology around these various offerings can get pretty nebulous and confusing. The … Continued

What Exactly Are Senior Living Apartments, and Why Are They Gaining Popularity?

Senior living apartments are just that – apartments (townhouses and condos may also fall in this category) within communities or complexes which are specifically designed with the wants and needs of older adults in mind. This may include provisions such as age restrictions, and often includes many fantastic perks, such as laundry and housekeeping services, … Continued

The Crossroads of Senior Living and Technology

While you may not think of senior living as a tech-driven industry, it’s actually at the forefront of a number of technological innovations. These innovations touch all facets of life as well – we’re not just talking about medical technology, we’re talking about tech that provides entertainment, education, safety, convenience and even therapy. Communities are … Continued

Recognizing Depression or Normal Memory Loss vs. Dementia and How to Tell the Difference

As we age, we sometimes get a little more forgetful. While most people understand that this is just a normal part of getting older, there are some who fear that forgetfulness is the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. There has been a lot of research focused around aging and … Continued

Tips for Making the Move to a Senior Living Community

Making the decision to move into a retirement community – whatever the level of care – can be difficult. In many instances, one of the major hurdles is the actual moving process itself and the stress it can put on older adults. Tough decisions such as how to go about selling your house or how … Continued

The Importance of Intergenerational Activities for Seniors and Kids

Thanks to advances in science, medicine and technology, people are living longer than ever before, and they have the ability to stay connected with the world on an unprecedented scale. Being connected and socializing is one of the major components of happy living, and it’s one that you never outgrow. That’s why it’s so important … Continued

Volunteer Opportunities at The Legacy Senior Communities

Volunteer Work for Seniors The Legacy Senior Communities is extraordinarily lucky to have many amazing residents who enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering and helping others. This is important to us as well, because we at The Legacy Senior Communities see how volunteering and reaching out to others benefits the physical, mental, social … Continued

The Legacy at Home Post-Surgery Care

At The Legacy at Home, we’ve found that one of our most utilized services is post-surgery rehabilitation and care performed in the home. The majority of clients we see requiring post-surgery rehabilitation and care in the home have undergone some sort of orthopedic surgery, and for this reason The Legacy at Home works with a … Continued

In-Home Pneumonia/COPD Care

Pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are two fairly common ailments that affect older adults, and they are two of the more prevalent conditions that we treat through The Legacy at Home. While there are some differences in the ways that each one is treated, in-home care for both starts with a series of … Continued

Memory Care at The Legacy Willow Bend

What is Memory Care, and How are we different? The demand for Memory Care is increasing tremendously in the senior living industry, and it’s not likely to slow done any time soon. People are living longer than ever before, leading to a steep rise in the number of people living with Alzheimer’s or other forms … Continued

Medication Management

Medication management is becoming an increasingly important service offered by The Legacy at Home, especially as more and more seniors are deciding to age in place in their home. Often, doctors prescribe medications – sometimes multiple medications – without thoroughly explaining what the medication(s) is, how it works, and how it should be properly taken. … Continued

Legacy at Home – What Medicare Covers and What It Doesn’t, and Who Is Eligible?

At The Legacy at Home, one of the most common things we field questions about is Medicare eligibility, costs, and benefits. That’s why we compiled this information from Medicare.gov, to help current and future patients understand their eligibility, benefits and qualifications in regard to Medicare and home health care. Who Is Eligible? If you meet … Continued

Life Care at The Legacy Willow Bend

Living at The Legacy Willow Bend offers a variety of benefits to its residents, including a full continuum of care, a sophisticated lifestyle, excellent medical care, an innovative campus and world-class amenities, to name a few. One of its most impressive offerings is its Life Care program. Many senior living communities are now offering a … Continued

Finding the right senior living community for you or your loved one

Many of today’s communities are far different from what you imagine. For many people, the decision of whether or not to make the move to a retirement community can be a tough one. Much of this has to do with the way retirement homes were built and run in the past, as most people don’t … Continued

In-Home Dementia Care

Dementia care is an increasingly in-demand service as more and more families care for loved ones with dementia in their homes. In the majority of cases, the actual caregiver is a spouse, adult child or other loved one. When working with a family, The Legacy at Home’s main goal is to educate the seniors’ loved … Continued

A True Continuum of Care

“Continuum of care” is a phrase that is getting more and more common in the senior living industry. Most of the companies that claim to offer a continuum of care cover most of the bases when it comes to senior living and health care, but The Legacy Senior Communities takes it even further. With The … Continued

Career Opportunities at The Legacy Senior Communities

Careers in the senior living field are interesting and rewarding – especially when you find a career focus that’s a fit for you. Working with seniors provides a sense of personal satisfaction that you just won't find in any other health care or service sector. Whether you are in administration, housekeeping, food service or a … Continued