The Overnight Experiment – What is it like to live at The Legacy Midtown Park?

August 15, 2022 – Alyssa Adam

On Tuesday June 26th I received the opportunity to participate in a trial stay at The Legacy Midtown Park. Upon arrival, I was greeted at the front desk where I was instantly helped through the check in process and shown to my room. Not long after getting adjusted, I received a lovely welcome package and a sandwich making board with a variety of cheese, meats, and breads. The package had tasty treats like cookies and chips as well as drinks like individual water bottles, Perrier, and sodas. It was nicely put together and made me feel even more invited into the community. I also received any needed toiletries that I may have needed during my stay such as shampoo and conditioner. I felt very cared for by everyone who came to visit and check in throughout the day. 

The apartment I stayed in had a kitchen with plenty of food preparation and storage space, two bedrooms each with a different restroom connected, a living space with lots of room for gatherings, and a work study. The furniture and art pieces were modern with colors and styles that were very aesthetically pleasing. There were plenty of blankets and pillows as well as fully made beds. Being on the eighth floor, the view from the tall windows was incredible, especially at sunrise and sunset where the sky filled with the most beautiful arrangement of colors. You can see a large part of Dallas from the comfort of your living room. There are spots all over The Legacy Midtown Park where you can view different areas from the rooftop seating locations. I recommend visiting these places at different parts of the day to see the changes in the sky, lights, and even temperature. It was lovely to take in all of the beauty of the campus during my stay. 

The Legacy offers an amazing dining service with a food selection that will be suitable for anyone’s needs. I went to Stanley’s Bistro for breakfast and lunch but then went to the dining room for dinner. Residents have the option to order to go from Stanley’s or eat inside at the provided tables. Don’t have someone to sit with for dinner? That is alright because when you talk with the hostess they will find you a table that has not been filled yet. Sitting with someone you do not know can help create unexpected friendships.

Everyone in the community was extremely kind and welcoming. If I had a question about anything, I did not hesitate to ask because I knew there would be someone happy to help answer. I had the chance to join other residents in some of the fun activities that are happening daily here. Figuring out what was going on and where was simple thanks to Wellzesta, the software used to communicate all of the events to the residents and staff. When I logged on, the events showed an art appreciation seminar, mahjong, book club, and a showing of the film The Lost Leonardo to end the night. When talking with residents, I learned that typically in the morning everyone does their own thing but then meets up in the afternoon to attend the activities of their choosing. Whether you are returning or new, everyone is welcome to join any of the events. Attending these is a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors and hear their stories. 

I am grateful to have received an opportunity to participate in a trial stay at The Legacy Midtown Park. There is always something fun happening on campus, even when you have to look for it. I truly feel like I got to fully experience what it is like to be a resident.

 If you are interested in booking your own trial stay at The Legacy Midtown Park, make sure to contact the marketing department and they will arrange everything for you. Contact Dana Hanks at 


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