Smartsizing: The Latest Trend in Defining “Home Sweet Home”

June 28, 2021

A new approach is gaining traction. It’s called smartsizing, and it’s all about creating a lifestyle of simplicity and enjoyment.

According to a TD Ameritrade survey, 42% of Americans plan to downsize in retirement. However, people over 65 often view “downsizing” as a negative. But hold on. A new approach is gaining traction. It’s called smartsizing, and it’s all about creating a lifestyle of simplicity and enjoyment.

Making the Move

The idea of compromising, doing without, or settling for less makes many seniors cringe at the thought of downsizing. “Smartsizing”, on the other hand, starts by taking stock of the amount of space in the current home that actually gets lived in every day. Once the must-have living spaces are defined, the next step is to envision the type of lifestyle that space will provide. In essence, smartsizing is all about finding a space that fits both your living and lifestyle needs to a tee.

Seniors today don’t want to settle, and smartsizing can deliver on two important goals: Simplicity and Enjoyment.

Achieving the Goal 

Retirees today often find they spend much of their time with family and friends, traveling, or staying active and learning new things. As a result, they spend more time out of the house than in it. Communities that cater to the desire for more freedom and flexibility place high on the list of what smartsizing seniors want most.

They also seek to simplify the number of bills paid each month. With less house to take care of and more free time, seniors are able to move from a life full of stuff to a life full of enjoyment and meaning.

For those who enjoy living close to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options, an urban location might top the list.

A new urban community currently under construction by The Legacy Senior Communities will provide a new state-of-the-art senior living rental option for those who desire a close-in Dallas location. Opening in 2020, The Legacy Midtown Park will be convenient to area hospitals, medical buildings, synagogues, movie theaters, cultural venues, restaurants, hotels, and public transportation. Additionally, the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center is less than two miles away.

Some seniors prefer to invest in a community that provides an engaging lifestyle but also includes a health care safety net for the future. For them, a Life Care retirement community can be an excellent smartsizing choice. At The Legacy Willow Bend, seniors enjoy resort-style living with controlled future health care costs, should their needs ever change.

“Our decision to move here was framed by the fact that The Legacy Willow Bend offers different levels of care because my husband needed a higher level of care. For me, I appreciate the independent lifestyle offered. I feel safe and secure, and the people in this community are welcoming and inclusive,” says Patty Fields, a resident in independent living at The Legacy Willow Bend.

Less is More

If you find yourself wishing for more time, less stuff, and more fulfillment, you may be ready to consider smartsizing. You’ll be in good company. Many smartsizing seniors rank less square footage low on their list of priorities. What they do rank high is clearing the clutter and making a life-changing move that provides more social interaction, less financial complexity, a space that suits their needs and style, and community amenities like exercise facilities and planned activities. Are you ready to join the trend?



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