A Soulful Story: Chaos to Calm

August 26, 2022

Feeding the Jewish Soul is a series of weekly emails that will give you an insight into what The Legacy does day in day out and how it impacts the seniors we serve.

Move-in at The Legacy can be an emotional time for new residents. While it can be exciting, some recognize that their lives have entered into a new stage after many years of familiarity.

A new Assisted Living resident recently had a defining day. She and her husband visited with their attorney to update paperwork. Previously, she would have to battle traffic, deal with getting her husband’s heavy wheelchair in and out of the car, and maneuver him in and out of the office. Now, The Legacy transportation team handled those details with prompt and friendly service. It was such a relief to be free from those responsibilities.

When they returned from their appointment, housckeeping had been to their apartment to clean and everything was fresh. The couple could just relax after their outing. Soon after, their fresh laundry was delivered, on hangers and folded.

Later that day, the resident went to the front desk and asked if she could get copies made of their updated documents from the attorney. The concierge was happy to help with this request.

Everything just clicked into place that day. A similar day would have previously caused stress and physical exhaustion, but so many moving parts flawlessly came together to make an uneventful day for the residents. This day was a reminder that at The Legacy, residents and families are no longer doing everything by themselves.

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