A Soulful Story: Housekeeping to the Rescue!

July 29, 2022

Feeding the Jewish Soul is a series of weekly emails that will give you an insight into what The Legacy does day in day out and how it impacts the seniors we serve.

Recently, a housekeeping team member went above and beyond to be of extra help. A resident had a new appliance that needed to be assembled, so the Housekeeper helped put it together, but found a part was missing. She creatively repurposed a part from the malfunctioning appliance to get it to work. Later in the morning while emptying the trash, the housekeeper noticed that the new part and a few other questionable items had been thrown away. She retrieved it knowing the husband has memory issues and commented that from now on she would be especially vigilant in noticing what might be in their various trash containers because a “treasure” might be thrown out. The resident was grateful for the housekeeper’s attention to detail, wonderful attitude, and continued thoughtfulness.

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