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A True Continuum of Care

“Continuum of care” is a phrase that is getting more and more common in the senior living industry. Most of the companies that claim to offer a continuum of care cover most of the bases when it comes to senior living and health care, but The Legacy Senior Communities takes it even further. With The Legacy Senior Communities, we have created a true continuum of care, whether it’s for residents of The Legacy Willow Bend in Plano, The Legacy at Midtown Park being developed in Dallas or for clients of The Legacy at Home. What do we mean by a true continuum of care? Well, let’s take a look at what it means in general first, then how The Legacy Senior Communities goes above and beyond the competition.

When a senior living organization says that it offers a continuum of care, it means that at its communities, there are varying levels of medical care, and, to a certain degree, varying levels of independence. The levels of care usually follow a pretty typical progression. The first level of care is independent living, in which the residents require few – if any – medical accommodations. Living areas are often separated from the rest of the community to give residents more independence, as the name would suggest.

The next level of care is assisted living, in which the residents have more medical needs and often require assistance with certain daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, etc. Living accommodations in assisted living are typically more centralized when compared with independent living, as nurses and other staff need to interact with the residents on a daily basis.

Oftentimes, communities will also have memory care, also called memory support. Residents in memory care typically have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia that lead to things like memory loss, confusion and an inability to take care of themselves.

The next level is a long-term skilled nursing. At this level, most residents have limited mobility and require around-the-clock medical supervision.

In addition, The Legacy Willow Bend also offers short-term rehabilitation for those who require temporary medical care from licensed medical professionals in order to return to their prior level of function following an injury, illness or surgery.

There is one final component which is unique to The Legacy Senior Communities, and that is The Legacy at Home, our home health care offering. The Legacy at Home offers services such as private duty nursing, medication management and help with daily activities, in addition to services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy, and more. The Legacy at Home’s services can be employed at any level of care, from someone aging in place at home to someone in independent living at one of our residences. These services can greatly benefit seniors, allowing them to stay at their current level of living while receiving specialized services.

The main benefit of having all these levels of care in one place is that should a resident need to transition from one level to another, that person only has to move to a different part of the campus/property, rather than a new community altogether. Additionally, the Life Care plan offered at The Legacy Willow Bend gives current residents priority access to higher levels of care.

At The Legacy Willow Bend and the upcoming The Legacy at Midtown Park, all of these levels of care are available. Add to that the services offered by The Legacy at Home, and you have the true continuum of care that is unique to The Legacy Senior Communities.