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A Message of Solidarity from The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

Statement of Solidarity by Jewish
Communal Organizations and Individuals in Dallas

The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, its Jewish Community Relations Council, and the Dallas area Jewish community share a profound sense of loss and grief as we grapple with the brutality and senselessness of George Floyd’s death.

Judaism teaches that every individual is created B’tzelem Elohim, in God’s image. With this notion, we affirm that every life is precious and has value. We honor the voices, emotion, and pain of the peaceful protests taking place in the wake of recent tragedies targeting African Americans, and strongly condemn those who take advantage of this time to invoke hatred and destruction in cities across America, including ours.

We express our solidarity and are deeply committed to our ongoing relationship with the African American community in Dallas. It is with great humility that we offer our deepest sympathy and our commitment to a more just society for all. We also express our gratitude to the civic and faith leaders working to keep our city and community safe through this increasingly challenging time.

Link to the letter from the Jewish Federation