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10 ways senior living promotes better health

There are currently about one million older adults residing in senior living communities across the United States, and it’s predicted that number will double by 2030. As this trend continues, The Legacy Senior Communities wants to educate people about the health benefits senior living communities can offer.

Keep in mind that there are different types of senior living communities, such as standalone independent and assisted living residences, memory care communities, active adult complexes and more, and these different offerings may or may not have some of the benefits we’re going to discuss. For our purposes today, we’re mainly going to focus on the benefits of an independent living or assisted living community. However, many of these benefits will also apply to certain memory care and skilled nursing settings.

Here are 10 ways a senior living community can promote better health:

  1. Help with daily activities

It’s estimated that more than one in ten people 75 years or older requires assistance with the activities of daily living, such as grooming and personal hygiene, dressing, toileting, etc. Thanks to the daily assistance of staff members, senior living communities reduce the burden and worry of family members while providing the resident with ongoing support.

  1. Care that is tailored to your individual needs

Many senior living communities offer different levels of care to meet the varying needs of residents. This is especially true of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) like The Legacy Willow Bend and The Legacy Midtown Park, which offer all levels of care on one campus.

While you may enter a community in independent living, you have the ability to easily move to a higher level of care (such as assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing) if the need arises, meaning you can always access the appropriate level of care.

  1. Better food, better nutrition

Poor nutrition is a far-reaching issue for senior adults, and it’s a serious one. There are often several contributing factors to poor nutrition in older adults, and The Mayo Clinic highlights depression, difficulty cooking, and a poor understanding of the changing nutritional needs of the older population as the three main reasons why older adults’ nutritional needs are frequently not met.

Poor nutrition can lead to a weakened immune system, which can open the door to a host of other problems. Improper nutrition is also associated with issues such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The Legacy Senior Communities offers nutritious meals prepared by a professional staff, served in a variety of charming dining venues. We can also accommodate special dietary concerns, such as a need for low-sodium or diabetes-friendly diets.

  1. A feeling of community

Most people understand that personal connections with family and friends are major contributing factors to quality of life. These connections are critical for preventing depression, isolation, feelings of uselessness, etc. Being a part of a larger community, especially one with people who are close to the same age and ability levels, provides residents with plenty of opportunities to foster new friendships, while still remaining close to existing friends and family.

  1. Safe transportation

Although many older adults can drive safely, many find they need help with transportation for things such as doctors’ appointments, shopping excursions, and other errands. Assistance with transportation allows residents to take care of their business while providing family members with peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are getting around safely.

  1. Staying active means staying healthy

At The Legacy Senior Communities, we provide our residents with a wide variety of activities, such as art classes, exercise programs, scheduled social gatherings and more. We believe everyone can find something they love, and by participating, they are also maintaining relationships, making new friends, and experiencing new things – all of which are critical for seniors and provide a higher quality of living.

  1. No maintenance, fewer worries

Maintaining a house, apartment or condominium can be difficult for older adults, especially if they need assistance with daily tasks. Home and lawn maintenance can contribute to stress and depression, and they greatly increase the risks of falls or other injuries. At The Legacy Senior Communities, all of our residences are maintenance free. Many communities (including ours) also offer attractive services, such as laundry and linen service, as well as housekeeping.

  1. Freedom of choice

For most older adults, the number one reported fear they have is a loss of independence. At The Legacy Senior Communities, we always make sure our residents know they are in charge of their lives regardless of the level of care they require. Residents choose when they want to get up for the day, when and what they want to eat, and what they want to do for the day.

  1. Technology for healthcare, entertainment and more

Technology is quickly becoming a major part of senior living, and it’s being utilized in ways you might not expect. What you might anticipate is the technology surrounding things like electronic medical records, medication management, patient monitoring and other medical needs has vastly improved over the last few decades, and it has. These improvements translate into better efficiencies for the communities and better, more responsive medical care for residents.

What people don’t always expect are the amazing things new technology brings to senior living, such as using online video conferencing platforms like Skype to communicate with distant family and friends, or seniors in memory care using virtual reality headsets to go on virtual vacations and spark memories that may have been forgotten for years. Technology also makes a difference with small touches, such as interactive video games like Wii Bowling that help seniors stay active and engaged and ride-share apps on smartphones that allow them to find transportation at their convenience.

  1. Peace of mind for all involved

The decision to make the move to senior living can be a tough one. Families often must balance challenging priorities, including the need to remain independent, help with daily tasks, socialization, budgeting and financial issues, and more. That’s why at The Legacy Senior Communities, we have staff on hand to work through these issues with prospective residents and their families.

Senior care through The Legacy Senior Communities

At The Legacy Willow Bend (our Life Care Retirement community in Plano, Texas) and The Legacy Midtown Park (our Rental Retirement community coming in 2020) our experienced, compassionate staff is committed to providing our residents with the best care possible. We also offer residents a wide variety of dining options, activities (planned and unplanned), social events, access to technology and much more to ensure that they are living fulfilling lives.

If you would like to learn more about The Legacy Senior Communities, or if you have any questions about senior living options in general, you can call our senior living experts at (972) 468-6160 or contact us online and learn more today.