A Soulful Story: Career Woman

March 24, 2023

Feeding the Jewish Soul is a series of weekly emails that will give you an insight into what The Legacy does day in day out and how it impacts the seniors we serve.

With dementia, people typically lose short-term memory but are often still able to recall older memories. Reminiscing about times a person does remember either through reenactment or discussion can give those with dementia a feeling of success and confidence because it’s something they’re still able to do. It gives an opportunity to talk or share something meaningful rather than just listen to others speak. The positive feelings gained from reminiscing can decrease stress, boost mood, reduce agitation, and more.

A resident in Memory Support at The Legacy loved to talk about her career and the many years of going to the office daily. Shortly after moving in, The Legacy team members set up a desk for the resident in the Great Room with office supplies and an adding machine so she could actively reminisce on a cherished time of her life. She “goes to work” every day and it has brought her joy and fulfillment.

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