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The Legacy Willow Bend Residents Team Up With Junior League for a Day of Gardening

PLANO, Texas, April 4, 2017 – With the arrival of spring, residents of The Legacy Willow Bend retirement community recently participated in a day of gardening at the community along with volunteers from the Junior League of Collin County. Residents, team members and volunteers worked together to fill raised planters in the community’s gardens in the Healthcare Center, which will provide a relaxing space for residents and family members to appreciate the outdoors. Gardening is known to have therapeutic effects on seniors, especially those with disabilities and individuals battling a chronic illness. The Legacy Willow Bend strives to engage the whole person – including the mind, body and spirit – in a positive way, and gardening is a beneficial activity which improves dexterity and promotes a sense of satisfaction. In the garden, residents can socialize, interact with each other and stimulate their minds in a calm environment.

“We were thrilled that the Junior League of Collin County selected us for a service project, and we were honored to have their volunteers visit our community,” said Rivae Campo, volunteer coordinator at The Legacy Willow Bend. “Seeing everyone work together to create a beautiful space for our community was heartwarming and a fulfilling interactive event. We know that the garden will have a long-lasting positive impact on the residents and everyone who visits to admire the flowers.”

The special day of service was part of the Junior League of Collin County’s 40th anniversary. To celebrate, they selected 40 projects to complete in one day throughout Collin County. A total of 14 volunteers helped residents fill two raised gardens with flowers and soil donated by Home Depot.

“As we were planning our 40th anniversary, our goal was to make a significant impact in the community,” said Maria Moffatt, president of the Junior League Collin County. “We were particularly excited to work with a large variety of organizations in a hands-on capacity. The Legacy Willow Bend was a perfect combination of working side-by-side with seniors, but also creating not only a beautiful garden for the residents and leaving behind a therapeutic tool. The Junior League of Collin County has a long history of impacting the community through gardening, when it initiated the Plano Community Garden in 2005 that provides over 5,000 pounds of fresh produce annually to community food pantries. The Legacy Willow Bend gave our members a rewarding experience and opportunity to share our mission of volunteerism.”

“At The Legacy Willow Bend, we are dedicated to providing our residents with ways to enhance their lives,” said Marilyn Israel, executive director of The Legacy Willow Bend. “This project engaged the whole person by allowing our residents to feel a sense of satisfaction from planting the garden, sharing the experience on a social level with volunteers and strengthening their hands in the process. The benefits of the gardens will continue as the residents enjoy the flowers and admire the beauty they add to our community.”