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The Legacy Willow Bend Lifestyle – Mind, Body and Spiritual Wellness

Physical Wellness

At The Legacy Willow Bend, wellness is a major part of our community’s lifestyle. When most people think of wellness, their minds immediately jump to physical activities such as walking, running, going to the gym, etc., and we certainly cater to a wide variety of physical wellness activities to help residents maintain or improve physical health. That being said, we also understand the importance of focusing on the other key aspects of a person’s overall wellness (i.e., the mental and spiritual components), and all residents have access to programming which engages them physically, mentally and spiritually as well.

Physical wellness is often the most visible component of wellness. Fitness programs, workout facilities, specialized equipment and more are very appealing to an increasingly health- and fitness-oriented clientele.

At The Legacy Willow Bend, we offer a variety of physical wellness activities which are specially tailored for each level of care, from Independent Living to Assisted Living and Memory Care or Rehabilitation. Many of these exercises focus on maintaining strength and balance, and the intensity of the activities varies from light stretching to standing aerobics and weight-band training.

In addition to the numerous activity and exercise programs, Independent Living residents have access to the community’s 7,000-square-foot Aaron Family Spa & Fitness Center. The Center includes all the equipment needed for a full-body workout, and our helpful staff and personal trainers can show anyone how to use it. The center includes NuStep equipment specially designed for seniors, as well as a lap pool, warm water therapy pool and more.

For residents who have mobility issues, we offer a number of exercises classes which allow them to participate while seated, such as chair yoga, Zumba Gold, as well as other balance, stretching and weight training activities. Residents also enjoy water aerobics and our pool features a unique area for low-impact walking and resistance training.

Mental Wellness

When it comes to residents’ mental wellness, The Legacy Willow Bend has a number of activities, clubs and programs designed to stimulate the mind. We host daily current event and trivia activities, as well as monthly brain game sessions. The Legacy Willow Bend hosts weekly table game times, and residents always have access to puzzles, cards, dominos and board games and more in our Lifestyles Enrichment Room.

We have several programs which combine physical and mental wellness, including line dancing and Golden Beats. Both programs combine physical movement with memory skill. Line dancing is a little more physical, but it requires residents to remember and recall the steps. Golden Beats is a drumming class which can be done standing or seated, and it requires residents to follow a rhythm and drum along, sharpening memory and fine-motor skills.

The Legacy Willow Bend also brings in therapy dogs several times a month to visit with residents, especially those in assisted living and memory care.

Spiritual Wellness

The Legacy Willow Bend offers a variety of different services and activities to meet the spiritual needs of each resident. For Jewish residents, we host a Shabbat service each week, and we make monthly trips to the Temple Emanu-El for services, as well as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. For Christian residents, we offer worship services every Sunday in addition to smaller services and holiday events held at the community.

We have a number of holistic programs and classes such as tai chi, yoga, meditation and stretching & deep relaxation classes, which not only relax residents, but also keep them mindful and open to their own personal spirituality.

In addition to all of these spiritual programs, activities and services, The Legacy Willow Bend is located near places of worship for nearly every religion and denomination imaginable, from synagogues to churches, mosques and temples.

A Culture of Wellness

At The Legacy Willow Bend, we understand that an integrated approach to wellness is the most effective way to ensure that our residents stay healthy, active and occupied. This means taking full advantage of all the unique, fun and stimulating activities, programs and facilities at the community to engage residents’ minds, bodies and souls. If you are interested in learning more about the lifestyle and wellness opportunities at The Legacy Willow Bend, you can arrange a tour of our community, or you can find more information by calling (972) 468-6208.