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Transitioning Home and How The Legacy at Home Can Help

The transition period between leaving a hospital or other acute care facility and arriving back at home can be one of the most vulnerable times for patients, especially so with older adults. While you might feel much better and be improving by the day, your strength has most likely not recovered completely. As a result, home health care through The Legacy at Home can be a vital asset.

The Legacy at Home is a Medicare-certified home health agency serving seniors in Dallas and Collin counties. Whether you need skilled medical care or related care at home, we offer services which can make the transition from one care environment to another safer for the patient and less complicated for all involved.

Preparation is Key

Even before you or your loved one has left the hospital, our expert care team can get involved, helping with planning and preparation in addition to helping with the actual move. By visiting the patient before the transition, we can determine how The Legacy at Home can help with the move.

This planning and preparation is extremely important, as it affects the whole process down the road. First and foremost, the care team will familiarize themselves with the patient’s health situation. This will dictate much of the treatment, but there are other things to consider. Another important thing that the nurse will do is take stock of the medications the person has been and will be on and how these medications might interact, as well as the possible side effects and how they can be managed.

Nursing Services

At The Legacy at Home, our nurses can provide care for seniors in their home. These services include wound care and dressing changes, bowel and bladder training, Foley insertion as well as training on a variety of care subjects, including diabetic (self-) management, gastronomy feedings and home management of the disease medication process (IV therapy).

To learn more about our nursing services, click here.

Therapy at Home

In addition to our skilled nursing services, The Legacy at Home’s trained care team can also provide in-home therapy services for those who require them. Our therapy services include speech therapy, which works to help patients recover and increase language function and communication in addition to strengthening swallowing muscles; physical therapy, which helps to reduce pain, regain mobility and encourage long-term physical health; and occupational therapy, which is designed to improve the performance of daily tasks such as dressing, bathing and food preparation.

Many health care and rehabilitation services are covered by Medicare or private insurance. If you have questions about qualifying for skilled home health care, call us and we can help.

To learn more about our therapy services, click here.

Personal Care Services

Not everyone who makes the transition from acute care to home needs intensive medical services, sometimes you just need someone to help out with some of the activities of daily living. For this reason, The Legacy at Home also offers the services of our personal care assistants.

Our personal care assistants can help with a wide range of tasks. They assist with dressing, bathing and grooming, drive clients to and from doctor’s appointments, help with housekeeping and light laundry duties and more. Our personal assistants can also provide respite care, allowing family members and other caregivers to take a temporary break.

Though they cannot provide medical services, The Legacy at Home’s personal assistants bring compassion and companionship to those they serve. Personal care assistants are not covered by Medicare or private insurance.

To learn more about The Legacy at Home’s personal care services, click here.

Safety You Can Trust

At The Legacy at Home, all of our care team members are thoroughly screened and receive ongoing training to ensure they provide patients with quality care in a professional and respectful manner. Additionally, our care team works closely with a client’s physician to develop and implement specifically targeted goals and treatment plans based on each client’s unique needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to help Dallas-area seniors safely regain their independence and become as healthy and self-sufficient as possible. In addition to providing the quality care you expect from The Legacy Senior Communities, our home health nurses manage, observe and evaluate your progress while teaching you or your loved ones about your continued care.

To learn more about how The Legacy at Home can help you or a loved one make the transition from a hospital or other acute care setting, call us at (972) 244-7700 or visit our contact page to get started.