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The Legacy Willow Bend Residents Watch Solar Eclipse

The Legacy Willow Bend had an amazing solar eclipse watch party Monday. The community hosted a viewing of the eclipse for residents to commemorate the event, and attendees used NASA-approved eclipse glasses or pinhole viewing devices to safely watch the sun disappear.

For one resident of The Legacy Willow Bend, Dr. Roger Rian, the moment was of particular interest as he viewed a solar eclipse for the first time. With a lifelong interest in astronomy, the former radiologist even led a presentation in advance of the eclipse, to provide fellow residents with background information about the astronomical event and what it means scientifically.

Rian believes this eclipse was incredibly impactful for the scientific community, and he’s excited to see what discoveries and observations will be made. He explains that the sun’s corona was visible for almost two hours as the path of totality moved across the country. That’s an astounding amount of time for scientists to make observations about the sun, which they normally don’t have the opportunity to see. He is looking forward to poring through the photos and data compiled after the eclipse.”