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Online study programs: the cure for quarantine doldrums

If you’ve had your fill of Soduku and are looking for ways to while away the hours during lockdown, consider online learning opportunities. Esteemed colleges and universities across the country are offering degree and learning programs via the Internet, allowing you the opportunity to take courses at a lower cost than traditional on-campus classes.

This higher-learning platform is ideally suited to seniors: You can take classes on your own time, from the comfort of your home—no commute, no hassles in finding a parking spot, and no driving at night. And for seniors with physical limitations or hearing or visual impairments, this log-in curriculum option offers much-needed accessibility.

What’s more, many schools offer services to older adults, such as individual advisors and introductory lessons that explain how online courses work and how to get the most from your online classroom experience. This can include tutorials on how to use videoconferencing to join class discussions or attend lectures.

Computer-aided degree programs provide a pathway for connecting with others with shared interests and keep those brain synapses firing away. So if you’ve always wanted to study photography or earn that PhD in literature, the time is now. Here are a few online resources to help you chart your course and find a program that’s right for you.


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