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5 Signs That It Might Be Time To Consider a Retirement Community

The ready availability of getting together with friends is one benefit of living in a retirement community.

Today’s independent living communities offer a wealth of options in terms of location, price range, and lifestyle amenities, plus the ready availability of getting together with friends. And though you may feel that the move isn’t for you or maybe you don’t feel you’re ready, consider the five flags below that may change your mind.

1. Home maintenance has become burdensome

You may own a big, beautiful home, but after your children moved out, it now feels a bit empty and maintenance intensive. The house-cleaning and yard work is a pain, and expensive repairs start eating away at your savings. If you sit down and do the accounting for your overall homeowner expenses—taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA fees, repairs and maintenance, and groceries—the total may shock you.

2. You tend to put off cooking or have quit altogether

Do you find yourself snacking on cheese and crackers or eating frozen dinners and take-out a little too often? Many seniors who live at home don’t get the proper nutrition they need. And sitting down for a meal, may seem lonely, so why even bother cooking? Does this sound like you?

3. You rarely or only occasionally see other people 

When was the last time you had lunch with a friend, visited with neighbors or your grandchildren? Meeting other people your age can be difficult when you live at home, and as people move away, your social circle may begin to shrink, which can lead to loneliness and boredom. Studies show that depression in adults has a negative effect on overall health and wellbeing. 

4. You have few hobbies and fewer opportunities to explore new interests 

Do you wake up in the morning eager to start your day, knowing that you have a schedule that includes activities you enjoy? Mapping out a plan for the day creates purpose, and living with purpose is a proven way to live a longer, happier life. Senior communities offer activities programming to get you engaged.

5. You find little time or motivation to be physically active 

At any age, exercise strengthens the immune system and improves both physical and emotional health. If you find yourself sitting most of the day, watching TV, or playing video games, you are missing the many health benefits associated with movement. Research has found that the longest-lived people reside in environments that encourage them to be up and about.

Why You Should Consider Moving Sooner Than Later

  • Moving can be arduous

            Imagine how much more difficult it would be to move if you or your spouse is forced to move due to a physical or mental health event. Consider the stress associated with selling your home and moving into an assisted living facility while dealing with an ailment.

  • Retirement communities offer countless amenities for an enjoyable lifestyle that promotes healthy aging

            At today’s retirement communities there is truly something for everyone, from fitness classes to regularly scheduled activities, special events,  volunteer opportunities, nature outings, day trips to museums, and even  religious counsel and services. 

  • Cook or have someone do the cooking for you

            When it comes to dining, retirement communities offer residents the best of both worlds: independent living residences with fully appointed kitchens and gracious community dining rooms, where chefs prepare healthy, delicious meals.

  • Access to on-site care

            Many retire communities have healthcare professionals on campus or on call. If you experience an injury or medical emergency, there are always staff members available to see that you get the care you need.


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